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Swiss Bureau

The new Swiss Bureau offices had many goals to achieve in terms of both design and functionality.

The main objective was to design one office that will receive two distinct companies, both owned by the same owners. One is for the interior design company, Swiss Bureau Interior Design LLC and one for Ezelink telecom a wifi hotspost solution provider.

We wanted to find a way to mix as many different design elements and details as possible under one roof to provide a kind of showroom for the clients of Swiss Bureau but keeping the same harmony without bringing too much. While at the same time the “wow” effect had to be there. Upon entering the office, one directly feels like they are entering into another world – as you are entering through a fully long red tunnel covered by carpet. By this we play a bit with the emotions of the visitors.

On one hand there is Swiss Bureau Interior Design and on the opposite end there is Ezelink – we had to try to find a way to make the two look like they belonged together. We separated both companies with an inviting reception area and a floating glass meeting room.

As we wanted to emphasis the length of the office, we did not built any partitions and have created floating ceilings linking both companies. The ceilings are contrasted with an industrial open dark grey ceiling, which creates a division emphasizing the space.

At the extreme corner of each company we have located the CEO office for their respective company (the only full height partitions with the meeting room)

In regards to the material there we have mixed “high tech” elements with warm touches of wood and green moss in order to create the perfect working environment for the staff.

The logos of the company are displayed in the reception on TV behind a black glass panel that is flushed to a low concrete wall separating the reception to the interior design company. Random images representing each company are continually passing.

For the design team, there is in the center a high table with marble top for discussion and documents storage. There is also a large samples wall displaying all of the important suppliers we use for each category. This entire part of the office has a homey effect.

On the other hand, Ezelink has a much more clean cut industrial feel to their working environment to cater to their needs. On the main passage we have cladded the low partitions with ceramic tiles (metro style) to always keep it clean and emphazys the lab effect as the company is doing a lot of R&D.

There is also a large TV wall to control all the Ezelink hotspots. This wall is emphasizing well the telecom effect.

Also, custom made lights hang throughout the entire office which can be personalized according to the end user.

We have integrated the pantry behind a hidden door. As we have no windows in, the interior of it has been designed like a small cofeeshop considering a warmer atmosphere (tiles on the wall, pebbles flooring tiles, more classic kitchen unit, coffee tables)

In overall this project has achieved a right balance of spaces, material and features considering the challenge that we had two separate two companies with two completely distinct activities, but both very creative…which we had to translate within the walls.

The result is exactly what we were looking for: a friendly working environment with a touch of “wow effect” for the visitors.

ClientSwiss Bureau Interior DesignLocationBusiness Bay, Dubai, UAEProject Date2015Size5,500ScopeDesign and Build

United Arab Emirates

Bay Square, Bldg 6. Office 105
Business Bay
PO BOX 111581 Dubai – UAE
+971 4 277 0402


7th Avenue de Rumine
1005 Lausanne, Switzerland
+41 21 317 54 61

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