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South Ridge Apartments

This project it was not only to design his “home sweet home” but also to respond technically to his wishes to listen the music loudly. Indeed our client is a big enthusiast about performing sound system and we had so to completely insulate the leaving room space with some hidden high-tech absorbing material and other visible material or finishes.

The challenge was to keep the possibility to let our creation free while the budget would be seriously used by tech material and other acoustic finishes… But at the end we found some compromises, which both parties were satisfied with. Therefore we had to take care in details of every single corner of the apartment that we had to customize. To maximize the space feeling, we took the party that from the entrance door to completely open the entrance to the kitchen and to the leaving room. We had to carefully compose all different faces of that new space in order to keep certain fluidity of the eyes and with harmony.

At the entrance we cladded the wall with a yellow marble that immediately brings a sentiment of lux to the visitor and is illuminating this area that has no natural light. It offers as well an interesting point of view from the kitchen.

Attached to the marble, direction leaving room, there is a white partition supporting the television which we’ve extended the shape with black glass line to the windows. On the windows we have 2 sliding panels in fabric (sound absorption), which cover some shelves where all the technics devices are stored. On the opposite of the TV we have a fully window façade that we have cladded with shutters in order to get the room completely dark if the client wants to watch TV during the day and by this avoid reflections.

The shutters offer also a great sound absorption. In the master bedroom, our client wanted to have a very cosy and warm atmosphere. We have so used a decorative wall paper in the niche of the bed and designed some closet doors in a more classical style. Above his bed, an optical fiber ceiling has been installed as a reference to the emirates airlines  night ceiling…

The bathroom was quite challenging, as we had to integrate a steam bath in such a small space. We have used bright colors and bring a lot of light which give a sensation of a larger room. All partitions are cladded in natural material. To keep unity in the design there is opposite the door a big white marble panel, same format of the entrance yellow marble.  As a designer the best reward is when every visitor coming to the apartment are very surprised by the different atmosphere and the peaceful harmony the apartment offers. Mission accomplished!

ClientSouth Ridge ApartmentsLocationDubai, UAEProject Date2015Size8,000ScopeDesign and Build

United Arab Emirates

Bay Square, Bldg 6. Office 105
Business Bay
PO BOX 111581 Dubai – UAE
+971 4 277 0402


7th Avenue de Rumine
1005 Lausanne, Switzerland
+41 21 317 54 61

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