We don’t like lockdowns! So here are a few things your office might need

It’s safe to say that we here in the United Arab Emirates have been more fortunate than most throughout this pandemic. For the most part, we have been safely following standard precautions throughout the country while still living our lives relatively freely. Activities, malls, restaurants, offices, and more were allowed to gradually reopen since late June, allowing UAE to be the epicenter of entertainment and on-going business. However, with the sudden uptick in cases and recent tightening of restrictions, we have to wonder  – are we inching closer toward another potential lockdown? 

We certainly hope this isn’t the case, but in the spirit of hypotheticals, here are some real-life interior design elements and solutions you should consider if your workplace is due for some prepping.

The Reception

Designed by Swiss Bureau Interior Design | Concept/Pitch

While the aesthetic impacts your first impression, it’s the interiors’ focus on functionality and safety that will leave a lasting impression. In our re-imagined “Front of House” office, the reception is not only the most impressionable but also signals a secure environment. This area is dedicated to client interaction and designed to work in isolation minimizing unnecessary client/user contact while maintaining an impactful statement and sector-leading client experience. 

The space might consider:

  • A healthcare kiosk
  • Client washrooms
  • One-way entry and exit system
  • Lounge style meeting rooms

The Pantry

Designed by Swiss Bureau Interior Design | Concept/Pitch

The pantry is the heartbeat of any modern workplace and is often the most densely used area within the office. It is critical that they are designed with wellbeing in mind. Technology would be a major benefactor in the form of voice-activated appliances, contact-less beverage dispensers, and utilizing density management systems.

The space might consider:

  • Table spacing/circulation management
  • Seating booths or pods
  • Extra coffee and refreshment points throughout the office, limiting the need to visit the central pantry facility

Flexible x Open Space

Designed by Swiss Bureau Interior Design | Concept/Pitch

The good thing about open space office is the flexibility of it allows for an easily transformed space. A flexible office of the future will reduce the density of its occupants. It will be structured to provide environmental variety, space for collaboration, bookable meeting areas, and agile spaces.

The space might consider:

  • Larger surface areas to work on
  • Strategically placed sliding glass panels to open dialogue between offices or to work independently
  • Built-in acrylic dividers or hanging acoustic wall paneling

Going Digital

Sketch by Swiss Bureau Interior Design | Concept/Pitch

Going digital is a lot more than room booking systems, touchless automated doors, and devices. New technology can help foster more integrated collaboration

The addition of interactive screens encourages collaboration both between employees and customers. It’s an easy way to present, modify and follow up on various subjects while facilitating brainstorming among team members, therefore driving faster results

Virtual & Interactive Library

Swiss Bureau Interior Design | Concept

Even though physical books still bring us familiar sensations, today, time is of the essence. Digital and interactive libraries where research can be activated by voice facilitates your employees’ daily work and is an ecological way to reduce the use of paper and avoids the possibility of contagion among users.

Within a changing global environment, balance, connection, and choice will trigger upcoming office trends. Along with flexibility and variety, in a scenario where another lockdown could potentially come into play and employees once again will return to the workplace, will your office be ready?