Blog | Unveiling the New Swiss Bureau Interior Design & Build

We have spent months going through this long and emotional process of rebranding and now, we are excited and ready to re-tell our story.


15 years and going strong, we here at Swiss Bureau have been fortunate enough to have built a great name for ourselves. Throughout our many projects, inevitably many things changed – morals, ideas, culture, work-life and boundaries were constantly re-adjusted. With Dubai rapidly changing all around us, we reached a point where we had to sit down, reminisce the past and rediscover who we are, as we pay homage to who we have become.

Since 2003, Swiss Bureau has grown from a medium sized studio of 20 employees to be one of the leading consultancy and fit-out contractors in the UAE today with more than 50 super employees. The backbone to our success is the long term relationships we hold with our partners aligned with our team of motivated, experienced and creative professionals who are willing to challenge the norm.

We recognize the need to collaborate with each other and our clients, to play on the same team, to speak the same language in order to create award-winning solutions and projects our clients can be proud of together.With this new rebrand, although our logo has changed, we are still the same Swiss Bureau. We have only strengthened our core values with additional creative, sustainable, and technical re-enforcements. Our logo has been simplified to a sleek, modern and minimalist design to emanate our approachable nature, the maturity we have gained and it represents the way we approach our projects – with efficiency and ease.


At the heart of our rebrand is our dedicated, passionately creative group of employees. This could not have been possible without the collaborative culture we have established here in our office. We are always there to back each other up, to step into the breach and provide support. We ‘design hard’ to be recognized as one of the most creative, innovative and trendsetting design studios in the Middle East. Discipline, cooperation and a passion for projects are the cornerstones to our success to date and have resulted in a company culture that inspires excellence and the drive to excel.

It is our promise to continue being who we are and we are happy to continue sharing our story while we help you share yours through our lavish world of design.