Our latest design & build project: IFLIX Office

IFLIX is a company that provides a subscription video on-demand service focused on emerging markets.

The brief by the client was to have a space that was fun and trendy – a place where the staff can work, but also relax, unwind and have fun before, during and after work. The aim was to design a space which included a great fit between the physical infrastructure of the office and the IFLIX organizational culture. 

We created an industrial looking space, with an open ceiling, concrete flooring, a shipping container which houses the meeting rooms, and playful lighting features. In keeping with the budget at hand, we wanted to create something that is low cost but still looks cool and is practical. The 3.200 sq. ft. office space comprises a varied range of spaces, a breakout, a relaxing corner, skype rooms, chill out room, open workplace and an open plan for informal meetings. 

Using hues of red and black with neutral greys and white, the office feels young and fresh, inviting and energizing. With vintage lighting and funky graphics on the wall where work and fun are always in balance.