Come Join the Tribe | The Forum 2019 at Downtown Design

Swiss Bureau has been invited to design the Forum stage for Downtown Design 2019, where cutting edge conferences will be held between November 12th and 15th, at the D3 Waterfront.

To build the space, we have sought out several amazing suppliers who have generously partnered with us, so a big thank you to Samovar Carpets, Pedrali, Interior 360, Tribe, and BSH Walls & Floors.

Inspired by traditional Tribal societies, we intend to provide a space for our collective voice to uplift, affirm, and recognize the contributions of us all. A modest Bedouin-style aesthetic mixed with an assortment of Moroccan poofs makes for playful seating during panel discussions. Carefully selected low hanging beaded and mesh lamps flawlessly harmonize with the surrounding greenery providing a sanctuary of simplicity, tradition, and innovation.

“A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate,” says Joakim, CEO & Co-Founder. “Our concept for Downtown Design’s forum is our attempt to acknowledge the diversity of the regional design scene while celebrating our similarities as we come together as a creative community at Downtown Design.”

Come experience our Tribal oasis.