Typhoon Cosmetics

EAT PRAY MAKEUP – is the designated phrase we gave to the pantry of Typhoon Cosmetics, a project we completed in July 2018. We wanted each room to keep its own character while always relating back to the makeup industry and referring to a film, so we gave them one quirky slogan each!  


The inspiration

 Since the opening of their offices coincided with the launch of their brand, we aimed at tailoring the space to turn it into a unique representation of their brand personality. The brief we got from the client, who seemed to be very inspired by the Channel offices, included the words clean, elegant, monochrome and film. We translated this into a bold and contrasting monochrome pallet mixed with their gold and blue branding colors. To embrace the film studio feel, we used stage rigging and adopted the “W” from Wardah in the glazing, lighting, and shelving of the space.


 The challenges


An entire inter tenancy wall, that we were not permitted to remove, was the first and biggest obstacle we faced with Wardah. Splitting the space between the client-facing zone and the staff zone was a design challenge we managed to turn around. The limited budget has definitely not limited our creativity for this space.


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Each particular room of the Wardah brand had its own challenges. Similarly to the Auditorium, for the Reception of Typhoon Cosmetics, we emphasized on product display, while the most crucial aspect for the Makeup Rooms was lighting. We also created a Brain Storm room, where the walls and even the ceiling are covered in writable wallpaper, Phone Booth rooms, added informal meeting tables and some window benches. Adding the power of social media to the mix, we gave each room a suspended and fun #roomname, such as #beautyandthebrains.   

Speaking of alternative work environments, Typhoon Cosmetics by Wardah has been one of the most enjoyable projects for us.   

Photo credits: Bahr Al-Alum Karim


Typhoon Cosmetics

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    3.692 sq/ft
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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    Typhoon Cosmetics
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