Emirates Hills Villa

The entrance of the villa has an impressive double height which is emphasized by continuous verticals and horizontals and touches of nature within the house blur the image of interior/exterior. Lighting fixtures and detailed stair elements add elegance to the space.

In the formal area, large mashrabiya panels add a touch of arabic design to the overall modern design of the villa. Within the wine lounge, a cozy and fully customized space is created on all sides. Contrasting materials create a special ambiance while keeping a touch of elegance. Entire planes are highlights and emphasis the generosity of the architecture. Large sliding screens create transparency with a semi private kitchen space. Lighting fixtures highlight the double height and central living space.

The informal seating/library area is located on a platform level. All columns in this entire space are disguised within the design. A complete cozy atmosphere is created within the entertainment area.

The same wood continues on the large planes from the ground to the first floor creating an impressive visual connection. Specific interior design details are added which create a functional and large overall effect.

Each bedroom is customized according to the specific needs of the space. Guests will feel a continuity between the overall design and their rooms, and on the other hand the owners of the villa will feel that their rooms are a completely different space.



Emirates Hills Villa

Residential interior project designed for a luxurious villa in Emiraes Hills, Dubai. 

  • Date
  • Client
  • Size
    20.000 sq/ft
  • Location
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Place
    Emirates Hills
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