EAST WING art Gallery

The experience of the concept starts from the exterior to the interior of the shell which is the East Wing Art Gallery. Vertical window slits were created all along the periphery walls to give transparency and appeal to the curiosity of the passing visitors. The outer shell gives the strong aspect of a fort-like appearance in turn keeping the art pieces safe.

The selection of the art in East Wing is top of the edge therefore the interior of the gallery was to be kept neutral, keeping the art as the main feature and the design elements subtle.

The angular walls inside were created to break the monotonous typical 90 degree walls; at the same time giving direction to the gallery. In turn, there is a complete break of the ordinary and behind this wall is a library and small seating area.

The material used on the walls in the space is natural plaster which because of the texture creates a warm atmosphere. The texture is both functional and practical in terms of its characteristics; has never before been used in an art gallery.

Overall, the design is a direct reflection of the gallery aiming to surprise and trigger curiosity.

EAST WING art Gallery


Interior design & Total fit-out

  • Date
  • Client
    East Wing
  • Size
    4 sq/ft
  • Location
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Place
    Limestone Building // DIFC
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