With “Re / think” project, an accounting company, the client wanted to demonstrate to its clients that they rethink the auditing and accounting services by offering personalized and creative solutions. A the entrance, the visitor is hit with the wow effect upon entering the office. There is a playful use of transparent glass and wine corks found both on the floor and the reception counter (the owner of the company is a big fan of good wines…). It creates an intriguing curiosity directly upon the entrance. Furthermore there is the use of many interesting patterns and materials in this project. The flooring is Bolon and from different angles one sees something completely different. This begins from the reception and leads you down to the corridors.  As the meeting rooms are opposite and far from the entrance we had to create an inviting and harmonious corridor.   There is also a play of lighting, which also guides you down this corridor giving a playful curve to the usually dull corridor. The corridors are also framed on either side by concrete and wooden walls, further housing hidden doors throughout disgusted as bookshelves. Similar materials continue into the meeting rooms where we see fully-cladded parquet walls and customized concrete lights hanging from the ceiling. The furniture was then carefully selected to subtly contrast with the interior.

The rest of the offices is composed by a serie of manager cabins which have a playfull rhythm of vertical panels layed in diferent angles which offers a certain privacy and let the light through.

We have different open spaces where we played with the ceiling to break the monotony of those rooms that must be super functional.


Design & built for re/think new offices in Dubai

  • Date
  • Client
  • Size
    700 sq/ft
  • Location
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Place
    Al Gurg Tower
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