Fairooz Penthouse

This penthouse in Marina was really a special project. It has been completely transformed and anyone who enters is simply in disbelief that this was the same apartment. All of the spaces have been relocated. Upon entering the house, one passes through a corridor to reach the living room. As this is not generally the norm, we have created a large impressive design element which appears to be floating right as you enter and leads you to the living room. We wanted by this element to facilitate the “invitation” to the main living room. 

As the kitchen has been relocated to the center of the first floor, for technical reasons we had to raise the flooring under the kitchen surface then we profite of this step to link the stairs to it and the dining room, creating by this an interesting podium in polished concrete finish.

Upon reaching the living room there are many interesting design elements from the customized library, to the double height area. We continued the podium which leads to the terrace but changed the material for a outdoor decking to give a spirit of “summer garden”. The separation between the dining room and the leaving room has been made with interesting sliding doors that keeps still a certain transparency while it is closed to maximize the open space effect we wanted to keep for this area.


The upper floors has also been completely rethought for the layout, we had to cancel one bedroom allowing creating a big master room of more than 80 m2. We have added a warmer touch to this floor as this is where all the bedrooms are. Floors are covered in Oak parquet, libraries and custom niches fill different rooms, and playful use of different materials and colors add life to all the walls. All of the details are custom made for this particular client and this project in specific from the doors, to the bathrooms, to the intricate ceiling details. Furthermore, every furniture piece was then selected with the client to blend their more classical taste with the more modern interior.  

Fairooz Penthouse

On this project we have designed and built a 650 m2 enthouse in one of the most prestigious tower in Dubai. 

  • Date
  • Client
  • Size
    7.000 sq/ft
  • Location
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Place
    Dubai marina - Fairooz tower (emaar)
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